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Rally 9. 20th - 30th July

Wyre Piddle, Worcs.

WR10 2JF


Rally Officers:- Committee


To book for this rally please contact any committee member









      ERF Caravan & Camping Club

Rally 10. 10th - 12th August

Goostery. CW4 8PJ

Rally officers. Laurel & Gordon

                      Frank & Gillian











Rally 12. 14th - 16th September

Cotton Arms

Wrenbury Bowling rally

Rally officers:- Dot,John,Beryl and Fran          









Rally 11.  23rd - 28h August  Welltrough Farm,

Lower Withington

SK11 9EF

Rally officers :-  Committee











If you have booked for a rally and for some reason you cannot attend please contact Rally Officers personally. It is only courtesy to let them know.


The club does not possess a mobile phone. Watch this space for more information.        

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