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Rally 4. 18th -23rd April

Pheasants Way






Rally 6. 23rd May - 2nd June


Rally officers :- Vic,Laura Woodward,John,Dot Latham




Rally 5. 3rd - 7th May

Glebe Farm

Rally officers:- Jo,Doug, Ann and Dave





Rally 14. 12th - 14th October

Wilkins Farm

Five outfits braved the weather for this rally and,despite the weather there were spells when it was not so intense, which allowed the rally officers to put on some bacon rolls and coffee which was much appreciated.


Thanks to Laurel,Brenda,Gordon and John for a great rally under the circumstances.


Sorry no photos

Last Rally Report and Photo’s

Rally 3. 29th - 31st March

Holmston Hall







Rally 1 15th - 17th February 2019

Leycett Cricket Club ST5 6AE

Rally officers :- Kenny and Christine








Rally 2. 8th - 10th March 2019

Elm Cottage

Rally officers

Mo,Rob,Steve and Andrea







Rally 7. 14th - 16th June

Soss Moss

Rally officer:- Tony Bickerton



Rally 9. 20th - 27th July


Rally officers- Eddie and Mary

Rally 8. 28th June - 1st July

Brereton Heath S/Holding

Rally officers:- Laurel,Gordon,Frank and Gillian